The Bubble Trouble is a quality and priceless game that is loved by a lot of gamers. Actually, the game has its simple premise of a player taking the role of a pig-like agent. The agent will then be placed into different arena level styles and a series of bubbles. The main goal of the game is to pop all those bubbles before the timer has run out completely. This is also after the bubbles had hit off the agent. It is with one hit that you will be dead. The game will require careful planning and precise movements. These are a part of the strategies involved in advancing through the levels. Never lose your lives because you will begin again after you have reached it this far. The Same Game Mechanics used like the others in the Series As per the game mechanics, these are exactly just like the others in the series. The arrow keys control will now serve as the agent and will move him from one side to another. When you tap the space bar, you will launch a hook along with a line that is attached to it and right through the ceiling. If ever this has hit the bubble or the bubble has jumped into line, they will now pop. The bubbles will be bigger enough that right after they pop, they will be splitting in half instead of popping entirely. This only means to say that there will be 2 smaller bubblers that must be dealt with. As compared to the previous installments, this game does not consist of vertical movement. It only means to say that there will be no platforms or ladders that you need to climb to and from. This may somehow give a different experience to a gamer. Fewer Features in the Game As compared to other series of the game, the Bubble Trouble only has fewer features. There will also be 2 basic modes that need to be played in the flash game; the single player mode wherein player will take on the levels all by themselves and make an effort to get far as possible. Even though this may require a lot of effort because you only shoot a rope at one time, it is still a rewarding and fulfilling experience. In regard with the other mode, it is actually a multiplayer mode allowing two players of playing the game off using the same keyboard. Great for its Two Player Modes That Are Cooperative The two player modes are indeed cooperative just like the Watergirl 3 and the Fireboy. These are also exactly the same as the single player only that both players will have to take on the levels together. This only means that you can have a lot of coordination and great teamwork in taking out the popping bubbles. A Little Ragged The Bubble Trouble may somehow be a little ragged but it still manages to show all players the reason why the entire series spawn out of the game. This is a lot easier and faster for a gamer like you to pick up. The play controls are combined with enjoyable game play and arcade-style making it an interesting game for you and your friends. Thus, this game is something that lets you play with your friends and beat the many different levels. You can also coordinate well with the game and you can beat them right away.
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